Monday, 11 July 2011

Book: Seven Years to Seven Figures by Michael Masterson

Score: 3.5/5 (I haven’t found the career listed in the book very appealing personally, but some people might)

I learned about the author, Michael Masterson, through a friend.  My friend’s original recommendation was for the book “Ready, Fire, Aim”, but I thought to read this book since it’s in the library.

This genre is a bit out of my typical reading path and I first got interested in the book out of curiosity – on how this can be achieved.  After reading the book, though I’m not convinced it’s what I want to do, I do think if you really follow the book’s direction you can become pretty healthy financially.

Masterson is a successful entrepreneur himself and wrote the book to help people build wealth quickly.  His background in sales and copywriting makes the book a refreshing perspective for me.

The book is mainly a collection of stories of high net worth individuals, and their stories have a recurring pattern:

      • They all earned high incomes.
      • They all had equity in a business.
      • Most of them invested in real estate.

On top of that, I’ve learned that being a copywriter has a lot of leverage.  A great copywriter writes a sales copy once, and can have its message replicated digitally for virtually no cost, and each one can generate a handsome profit.  Oh the wonders of the internet and nature of information.  : )

There are some good tactical advice as well but I won’t list them here.  If you’re interesting in the field of copywriting, sales, or just general wealth building, have a quick look at this book.

Happy reading!

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