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YouTube, Documentaries, and Podcasts List

Here are some videos I’ve posted about.  I’m also trying to post to my collections on Google Plus to see which is easier to share.

YouTube Channels (and memorable episodes)

Charlie Rose Show
    Magnus Carlson (Norwegian Chess Grandmaster)
    Harold Bloom (Yale Literary Professor)
    Lee Kuan Yew (former Prime Minister of Singapore)
    Masha Gessen (Russian Journalist)
    Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple)
    Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon)
    Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg (CEO and COO
          of Facebook)
    Mark Carney (Former Governor of Bank of Canada)
    Ginny Rometty (CEO of IBM)
    Ben Horowitz (Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist)
    Meryl Streep (American Actress)
    Masayoshi Son (Japanese Internet Entrepreneur)
    Jim Collins (American Author on Business Management)
    Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft, especially from 2014)
    Isadore Sharp (CEO of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts)
    Danny Meyer (CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group)

Interview with George Stroumboulopoulos
    Jim Parsons (main actor from The Big Bang Theory)
    Marc and Craig Kielburger (Founders of Free the Children)

QTV by Jian Ghomeshi
    Stephen Fry (British TV host, novelist, essayist)
    Michael Buble (Canadian Singer)
    Josh Groban (American Singer)
    Barbra Walters (American TV Interviewer)
    Shane Smith (Canadian Cofounder of VICE News)

    A Guide to North Korea (3 Parts)
    The Islamic State (5 Parts)


Money, Power & Wall Street (PBS)
A PBS documentary about the financial crisis.

Empire of the Word
A history of reading and the written word (4 episodes).  It documents the how reading started (to account for contributions to the king), how it was forbidden for political reasons, and what the future of reading (electronic/digital) might look like.

The Machine that Changed the World
This is the history of computing (5 parts), and it is one of my favourite documentaries.  From Charles Babbage’s difference engine to today’s electronic computers and the various major inventions in between, this film outlines the significance of each event and development.

Guns, Germs, and Steel (National Geographic – 3 parts)
Based on the Pulitzer prize-winning book of the same name by Professor Jared Diamond.  It shows how geography gave some groups of people a leg up to acquiring the power of guns, germs, and steel, which dramatically shaped the world.

Big History (History Channel)
A 17 part series on the history of human and planet development through the lens of science.  It was developed with the Big History project which Bill Gates’ foundation helped to fund.

The Ascent of Money
A history of money (4 parts) – how it was invented and gradually played a dominant part of politics, commerce, and our daily lives in general.

Locomotion: the Amazing World of Trains
A history of trains – how one of the most important inventions of the industrial revolution changed the nature of war, commercial outsourcing, colonialism, and how its status changed as automobiles became more popular.

Breaking Point: Quebec/Canada – The 1995 Referendum
The sequences of events that led up to the Quebec referendum and the result of it.  It seems to not be sold anymore.  The Vaughan Public Libraries have this in its collection.

Freedom had a Price
Describes Canada’s first internment operation to imprison Ukrainian immigrants between 1914 to 1920.  This is in the Vaughan Public Libraries collection.

Bach: A Passionate Life
Sir John Eliot Gardiner explores the context around Bach’s life through his music and reveals the lesser known and perhaps more human side of him.

John Eliot Gardiner – In Rehearsal
Sir John Eliot Gardiner rehearses Bach’s Cantata BWV 63 with the English Baroque Soloists and Monteverdi Choir.

Frederick the Great and the Enigma of Prussia
The story of one of the greatest political figure in modern European history.

Nazis: A Warning from History (BBC)
BBC documentaries on Nazi party’s politics, social atmosphere, war, from its rise to its demise.

It Takes a Child
The story of Craig Kielburger, and how after reading about the death of a anti child labour activist, one of his own age, went to understand the issue and found Free the Children.

The Square
An Oscar nominated documentary on the Egyptian revolution from the perspective of its participants.

Living on One Dollar
A group of US college students spent the summer living on one dollar in Guatemala like the locals.

No Impact Man
A man and his family tries to minimize and eliminate their impact on the environment, reducing trash, stop eating meat, using motorized vehicles, cut out electricity, to examine how far one can go to save the environment.

The Life of Muhammad (PBS)
The life of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad.

Science and Islam (BBC)
An introduction to the important advancements in mathematics, physics, medicine, and astronomy in Medieval Islamic world.

Iran and the West (BBC)
A look at Iran’s past amicable relationship with the “west”, and how it changed after the Iranian revolution and what it means today.

Inside 9-11 (National Geographic)
A more detailed look at the events as it happened on the fateful day, and of its perpetrators and the American response.

The Story of the Jews (BBC)
A history of the Jews, by Simon Schama.

Israel and Palestine: a Divided Land
An introductory film about the conflict in the land of Palestine.

A Jewish director and explores another view on anti-Semitism today with a controversial humour.

The Russian Journey
Glenn Gould was the first North American concerto pianist to visit Russia in the cold war era. He had an impact through his artistry, musicality, and historical perspective that gave many Russians musicians a glimpse of what the musical world is like in the west.

The Japanese Bullet Train (BBC)
Richard Hammond explores the scientific ingenuity that gave birth to the safest and one of the most efficient high speed train systems in the world.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi
The story of the 3 Michelin star sushi master Jiro Ono.

The September Issue
The life of Vogue magazine’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, in the creation of the 2007 September issue.

NHK紀錄片: 中國文明之謎 (In Japanese with Chinese subtitle)
3 part documentary exploring the establishment of Chinese king’s legitimacy, the invention of Chinese characters, and the Chinese identity.

NHK紀錄片: 兩岸故宮 (Palace Museum - 中文發音)

大國崛起 (Rise of Great Powers - 中文發音)

中國門 (China Gate – 中文發音)

不老騎士-歐兜邁環台日記 (In Chinese – Mandarin/Taiwanese)


Gresham College Audio Lectures
Free public lectures on topics ranging from medicine to music.

Revisionist History
By Malcolm Gladwell, who revisits some past events to cast it in a new light.

In Our Time – History (from BBC)
Discussions on the various topics in history.

CBC Ideas
Ideas spanning all aspect of human and natural world for a curious mind.

Entrepreneur Thought Leaders (from Stanford University)
Talks by and for entrepreneurs and business managers.

A History of the World in 100 Objects (from BBC)
Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, tells the story of human history through 100 objects around the world through time.

Peter Mansbridge One on One (from CBC)
Mansbridge and his discussions and interviews with guests.

A Brief History of Mathematics (from BBC)
History of mathematics through the lives of past mathematicians.

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