Monday, 29 August 2011

List of Sites I like


English Sites

The Gates Notes
Bill Gates’ web site, my favourite is his reading list.

Vaclav Smil
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, an advisor to Bill Gates on world issues.
Video of influential thinkers presenting their idea to change the world in culture, technology, art, and many others. documentaries
Lots of great documentaries

All of Bach
Every Friday a performance of Bach’s composition is uploaded for free (St. Matthew Passion is already up), from the Netherlands Bach Society.

Contains midi tracks of classical choral works for individual vocal parts to help learning them.

The Pulitzer Prize
Lists current and past prize winners and finalists.

Thoughts Maybe
An online library of free documentaries.

Aeon Magazine
Essays and videos on Philosophy, Technology, Health, and Culture.

An oral history of the digital transformation of news – a project of the Harvard Kennedy School, Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy.

Kevin Kelly
Author of What Technology Wants, has tons of material links to fascinating documentaries from many fields.

Khan Academy
An educational web site with a huge collection of videos on math, science, business, and even history.

Offers online courses from universities around the world for free, some even give out certificates.

How We Get to Next
An extension of Steven Johnson’s book How We Got To Now, with articles and links exploring innovations for the future.

Google Cultural Institute
Google’s virtual museum on the art works and sights of the world.

Macaulay Library from Cornell University
The largest collection of sounds from the natural world.

Gresham College
Free public lectures with both video, audio, podcast, and transcripts on a wide range of subjects.
Has video interviews/speeches of influential thinkers in tech, culture, and more

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
Collection of health data collected globally for analysis by country and other axis.
Blog of Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things.  A great resource on interaction design.

MIT Open Course Ware
MIT’s free course materials online.

Paul Graham
Thoughts and essays from the cofounder of VC firm Y Combinator.

Design Mind
From Frog Design.

Simply Albert
From Albert Lai, a Canadian internet entrepreneur. 

Video interviews from award winning journalist Charlie Rose.

Governor General’s Literary Award
From Canada Council for the Arts

Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction
A Canadian literary award for non-fiction.

Technology Review
Magazine from MIT about emerging technology.

Digital Riptide
An oral history of journalism and the impact of digitization, from the Harvard Joan Shorenstein Center for Press, Politics and Public Policy.

Clay Shirky’s blog
Contains Clay Shirky’s essay on internet’s impact on society.
Blog of Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point and Outliers.

Steven Sinofsky’s Microsoft TechTalk
Blog from the Microsoft’s President of the Windows Division.  It has many good posts about what it’s like working for Microsoft as a Program Manager, Developer (SDE), etc…

Larry Smith’s Blog
Thoughts on the economy from one of my favourite professors.

Ray Ozzie’s Blog
From Microsoft’s former Chief Software Architect – A geek in Japan
Japan from the view of a foreign technologist who lived there for 8 years and has a very good camera

Blog of Fred Wilson, VC and principal of Union Square Ventures.

Part of the Wall Street Journal Network, ” is a Web site devoted to news, analysis and opinion on technology, the Internet and media.”





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