Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Taiwan trip Day 19 - 21 (July 13 - July 15)

We got to Chongli on July 12 to see my uncle's family. They treated us warmly. We rode on our cousins' scooters to go around the city at night in search of things to eat/buy. It's much quieter and the weather is much more bearable. We often chatted with our cousins until 3 or 4 am. After all, there's at least 3 years of catching up!

We left my uncle's on the third day and rode the train to Changhua, where our family reunion was. It's too bad that my parents couldn't be here. It was so much fun. Since our relatives live all over Taiwan, everyone brought the specialties from where they live, and shared it with everyone. In the end, everyone got a bit of everything. Having all the aunts and uncles over made the place a bit like a Chinese market, except there was way more laughter. I get to see a lot of my cousins as well. When we were together, it didn't matter the generation, we were all back to our youthful self. The inside jokes, silly comments, and the reciting of memorable events made it really fun. There were all 15 of us, the adults and the kids, crammed into a hotel room with two king beds, just talking, together or in groups. I don't know when the next time it would be before I can see us all like that, since many of my cousins are in the States and I'm in Canada. When possible I should organize the family reunions myself!

On the night of the 15th, we got back to Kaohsiung, concluding our week up north. Thanks to all the friends and relatives, we really got to enjoy different cities. Special thanks goes to my cousins in Taipei, who accommodated my unreasonable demand to see so many things. They had no complaints and just took us everywhere we wanted to go and treated us like kings! Thank you all!

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