Monday, 6 August 2007

Taiwan trip Day 2 (June 26)

Today Daniel and I woke up early because the day before we slept at 8 pm. Also there's jet lag. We decided to eat something we've been craving for 10 years - "hill side noodle restaurant" (斜坡麵店). This place has been here for more than 30 years. We really loved their noodles but had to part with it to come to Canada. Now we can finally eat it again!

When we reached the noodle place, we were surprised to find out that the owners could still recognize us, after 10 years. When our orders came, we were glad that the noodles tasted the same after 10 years. I noticed on their menu that they don't have many selections. There are about 3 types of noodles they sell plus some side dishes and that's it. Nothing else. Yet, they maintain quite a customer base. Perhaps having a simple menu is their secret to success - it makes managing materials really simple and the procedures for cooking them simple as well. This is a different philosophy compared to the one that my uncle and aunt use.

After the noodle place, we bought some snacks from the convenient store. I was like a little kid, trying to buy everything I wanted to eat. I bought some pudding (統一布丁). Feeling satisfied, we walked back to my grandma's house awaiting tomorrow's journey.

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