Friday, 11 January 2008

Getting out while staying in

Ever have those moments that you just want to be alone?  You may have your room, but it's just great to be in a space that others can't disturb you.  But where to go?  Malls are crowded and too public.  Friends can't always accommodate you.  Don't worry, my indoor submarine is here to the rescue.

This indoor submarine has an interior size of a 1 bed room condo and is wirelessly connected so internet and cell phones are no problem.  When surfaced, it is only the size of a mall size garbage can.  You can go in there, and it submerges into the ground of your room, whichever floor you are on.  You can see the outside through the ceiling if you choose, but no one can get to you.

The submarine moves around as well, but only to places that has solid material.  So it can't move in liquid.  But, you can navigate it from a 19th floor condo to anywhere else.  Ever wonder what it's like to write under the stars of north pole?  A full night of sleep under the stars?  Looking at lake Ontario from its bottom?  With this, you can!

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