Friday, 11 January 2008

The ultimate grocery shopping experience

I wish that in the future, I can just walk into any store, browse, grab what I want, and simply walk out of the store.  There would be no line up at the checkout, and my account is deducted directly.  I won't have to carry receipts.  The records of what I bought would be all safely stored somewhere in my storage.  When I need to return something I only have to scan my eyes and the product.  No more lost receipts!

If I've thought of what I want, and is pressed for time, as I walk into the store, my glasses will show a 3D map/arrows of how to most optimally get thing to fulfill my list.  That means my meat doesn't get cold by me browsing for too long, and the I will only get the more heavy stuff later so I won't have to carry it through all my browsing, and I also won't have to walk too much to get all my food.

All the labels are shown clearly, with discount items glowing with colour.  When I have a question about the product, something would show up so I can dictate what I want and the question will be answered.  New items, discounted items are all explained to me as I walk through the store, and according to my habits of grocery shopping.  I can test out any product I want, and something will suggest what other products I might consider according to my eating habit.


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